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Our Sonixslim fast tracked fat reduction program is designed to deplete body fat & get you in tip top shape fast. Offers a mix of our body focussed classes, nutritional consultation & fat loss accelerator treatments as well as before and after assesments to ascertain results, Sinxslim will get you right on track towards your hot new beach body!  It is reasonable to expect body fat reduction of up to 7.5 kgs after the timely completion of this program. 

SonixSlim program includes: * Initial consultation * Body assessment & game planning * Twenty (20) private body focussed classes * Two (2) Galsonix fat reduction treatments * Nutritional consultation & planning session * Cardio access * Final body assessment & evalualtion. 

This program will typically result in around 16,000 calories burnt. During your initial consultation, we'll set up your program based on your assessment results as well as your personal goals & target areas. We'll then work with you to achieve your best possible results for 5/6 weeks depending on your availability & commitment to the program.  If you require further information about Sonixslim please contact us using the contact form (Contact Us Tab).

Train At Home

Train in the convenience of your own home for FREE.  Simply stream Coach Ali's programs & use The Bow Fitness System anytime! Take advantage of Australia's largest workout channel boasting over 300 virtual workouts, thanks to Ultimate Pilates & Coach Ali Fitness!

The only body transformation package on the market with money back satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind (T&C apply)!



50 CLASSES Per Week: In 2017 we are offering 50 classes every week. Classes are available every day so you're out of excuses! Let's get on top of the new year's resolution in 2017!


TABATA (High Intensity Resistance Training): This is our new intense 30mins class using The Bow system to deliver extremely efficient low impact resistance exercises whilst elevating your heart rate and raising a good sweat!  A must try class!


RBX (Resistance Bands Exercise System): This intense 45mins class combines strength and conditioning using resistance bands with cardio kick boxing.  Sure to raise a sweat RBX is a perfect mix of HIIT & strength training. 


Eating for a Summer Body Workshop: This informative & educational workshop is 90 mins long and it's on Sunday 7th August.  To get your FREE ticket to the event (worth $44) simply review Ultimate Pilates on Google by Thu 4th August.


Anti-Cellulite Class: Boosts circulation, regulates water retention plus tightens and tones the thighs. The exact remedy you need to lose your cellulite look for this one hour class each Friday!  


Winter Class Timetable has commenced. You will note 6:30am classes every morning inclusive of our new Long-Bar TRX class as well as Fat Burner using The Rack.


Long-Bar Suspension:A great strength & conditioning class using The Bow long-Bar suspended from hard cables.  If you like TRX then you're going to love this class.  Difficulty rating of 3.75/5.00.  Its on 7pm Wednesday and 7:15am Thursday each week. 


Fat Burner (Rack): This major fat burning class is making a come back over the next couple of weeks and will be a permanent part of the weekend roster.  Difficulty rating of 4/5. Keep an eye out on this one.

Our award winning class training system is designed to give you maximum support when you work out!

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Ultimate Pilates, Sydney

We are the leading private fitness studio in Sydney offering highly sought after training systems such as Reformer Pilates, TRX Training, BOW Aesthetics, Weights and more.  

We specialise in packages for of physique & weight management inclusive of classes, treatments, advisory & consultation services.

Whether you're after muscle development, toning and conditioning or weight loss, we've got you covered from head to toe.  

Our wide range of programs comprehensively cover high performance reformer training, Bow & shape management training, Suspension training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) plus core & structural health.

Weight Loss

Our market leading weight management package combine Pilates classes, treatments, nutrition and personal training in Sydney to deliver a holistic and complete approach to weight loss and body toning.Click here for more information


We offer small group and private Pilates classes in Sydney with no more than 10 participants per class to ensure every workout is effective and of highest quality. 

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You will notice that unlike other gyms & studios we offer full disclosure and transparent pricing right here on this web page.  This is because we are simply the best priced fitness studio in Sydney and we have no hidden fees or fine prints locking you into contracts that you may not want!

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You have made the decision to turn your body into a well-tuned, aesthetically pleasing machine and we're here to help you along the way. ​

We warmly welcome you to our facility where we offer weight loss treatments, nutrition advice, aesthetic and Pilates classes in Sydney.

Whether you’re in Rosebery, Waterloo, Surry Hills, Mascot or Alexandria our trainers would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them in the shortest possible time.