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You will notice that unlike other gyms we offer full disclosure and transparent pricing.  This is because we are simply the best priced fitness studio in Sydney and we have no hidden fees or fine prints locking you into contracts that you may not want!

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Welcome to UP

You have made the decision to turn your body into a well-tuned, aesthetically pleasing machine and we're here to help you along the way. ​

We warmly welcome you to our facility where we offer weight loss treatments, nutrition advice, aesthetic and Pilates classes in Sydney.

Whether you’re in Rosebery, Waterloo, Surry Hills, Mascot or Alexandria our trainers would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them in the shortest possible time.


Normally $99     Special Now $49

Option 1: Laser Fat Reduction Treatment followed by Personal Training (1-on-1) Session to kick start your fat loss journey.

Option 2: Personal Training (1-on-1) Session followed by eTone EMS treatment to tone-up fast!  LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE!

Normally $1,049     Special Now $499

Our 5 weeks intense total body makeover package is the weight management program on the market with a money back satisfaction guarantee.  There is a simple reason for that!

IT WORKS! Buy Now & take advantage of this special. More information simply CLICK HERE!

10mins Quickie!

Try these 10 minutes calories burner programs straight from home (without equipment).  

A 10mins quickie either first thing in the morning or just before going to bed at night to help accelerate fat loss, balance hormones, develop core strength & lower your daily stress. Try it!  

Train From Home

Train in the convenience of your own home for FREE.  Simply stream Coach Ali's programs & use The Bow Fitness System anytime! Take advantage of Australia's largest workout channel offering well over 400 virtual workouts, thanks to Ultimate Pilates & Coach Ali Fitness!

Our award winning class training system is designed to give you maximum support when you work out!

Normally $199     Special Now $149

The 10 visits class pass covers all 52 of our classes including Reformer Pilates, TRX, Weights, Bow Pilates, Tabata, Yoga & more...

Your 10 visits pass is valid for 90 days.  Buy Now & take advantage of this month's savings. More information on class simply CLICK HERE!

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Click the phone logo and start by entering your first name and family name.  Then simply walk through the 2-minute account setup process and then book Pilates classes, PTs and appointments in Sydney whenever you like.

To make bookings via your smart phone we recommend downloading "MindBody" from your app store.  This software is very user friendly and it’s at your fingertips 24/7.  

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Phone Support

Our administrative hours are as follows:

Mon 10am to 7pm

Tue  10am to 7pm

Wed 10am to 7pm

Thu  10am to 7pm

Classes are available 7 days a week.  You can make bookings online without going through phone support.  

Ultimate Pilates, Sydney

We are the leading private fitness studio in Sydney offering highly sought after training systems such as Reformer Pilates, TRX Training, BOW Aesthetics, Weights and more.  

We specialise in packages for of physique & weight management inclusive of classes, treatments, advisory & consultation services.

Whether you're after muscle development, toning and conditioning or weight loss, we've got you covered from head to toe.  

Our wide range of programs comprehensively cover high performance reformer training, Bow & shape management training, Suspension training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) plus core & structural health.

Weight Loss

Our market leading weight management package combine Pilates classes, treatments, nutrition and personal training in Sydney to deliver a holistic and complete approach to weight loss and body toning.Click here for more information


We offer 50 small group class in Pilates, weights, suspension, resistance & functional training.  Capped class numbers ensure every workout is effective and delivered with highest of quality.

Try out Ultimate Pilates classes for yourself.  To lean more click here!